A fork of this plugin has been donated and merged in the main Eclipse platform repository. Starting from Eclipse Luna, you'll find it preinstalled as the new default dark theme of Eclipse!
You can use this repository to get the latest development version.



Syntax highlighting scheme:


You can find the one used in the screenshot here:


There are some settings that can be changed only from the Eclipse Preferences window and that override the theme's settings by default:


Problem Solution
The font of the title of the tabs is different Ensure that on your machine is installed Segoe Print font then open the downloaded jar package with an archive explorer, open /themes/css/moonrise-ui-standalone.css, search for any occurrencies of font-family property and change its value to Segoe Print (or what ever you prefer), then save/update the jar archive.
The size of the title of the tabs is different Eclipse does not scale it with a DPI-Aware policy. Open the jar package downloaded with a file archiver, open /themes/css/moonrise-ui-standalone.css, search for font-size property and modify its value according to your needs.
The label of the checkboxes has a color difficult to read It's related to a SWT bug, use a system theme that has lighter font color for buttons.
The text of the buttons has a color difficult to read (MAC-OSX) It's related to a SWT bug, try this 'patched' version if you have this issue (no more needed for v0.8.4+).
After updating the plugin, it isn't loaded as expected Eclipse seems to use some sorts of internal resources caching that don't work always very well. To ensure that it's not an issue related to the new plugin version, create a new workspace and import your projects here, or try with a freshly downloaded Eclipse release.


Currently this theme uses the CSS-SWT engine introduced in the 4.2 version of the Eclipse Platform and should provide a dark style for each GUI widget that can be handled with the last version of the Eclipse SDK. This plugin has been tested with the main Eclipse Development Tool packages on Linux distributions, Windows and OSX and with the following Eclipse releases:

It works best with a dark system theme since currently the look of some GUI widgets cannot be overriden directly in Eclipse. The more noticeable issues related to SWT are the ScrollBar widgets, the Table headers/lines and the arrows to fold/unfold contents that cannot be styled. As minor issues there are Button background color on Windows and OSX that cannot be customized (on Windows checkboxes/radio controls do not inherit font color) and some other little bugs related to the CSS engine that makes the customizations harder and unwieldy. Aside from that, the theme currently might not look perfect on each platform, but should be fully useable on all of them. The Eclipse CSS engine is still under improvement.



This is open source software, licensed under the Eclipse Public License. See the file COPYING for details.